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Make you website faster by bundling and minifying its scripts and styles

Important. Starting from the C1 version 6.8 it is recommended to use the new Orckestra.Web.BundlingAndMinification package. 

Bundling and minification is part of website optimization where all the JavaScript files with scripts used on web pages are collected and concatenated in one single file ("bundling") making it as small as possible ("minification") - and including it as the last thing in your HTML. The same is true for stylesheet files (CSS and LESS).

As a result, pages on your website load and render faster, which makes your customers happier and can ultimately make Google rank your website higher in search results.

And Composite.Web.BundlingAndMinification does that for you automatically. All you need to do is point it to the content to optimize - templates, pages etc.

All changes to original scripts and styles will be reflected in their optimized version automatically.

If necessary, you can always choose to turn the optimization off. Besides, if you are logged into the CMS Console, the optimization will be off, too, and as a web developer you'll deal with the original files, so your debugging experience will work exactly as it should. And the visitors to your website will still get the optimized version.

Composite.Web.BundlingAndMinification is based on "Bundling and Minification".

Please note that the "Venus" starter site is optimized with Composite.Web.BundlingAndMinification out of the box.

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