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Make your website faster by bundling and minifying its scripts and styles

Bundling and minification allow you to optimize the load time of your site. As a result, to make your customers happier and also to make your website Google rank higher in search results. Web browsers limit the number of simultaneous connections per each hostname. So if a page has a lot of linked styles (CSS, SCSS, LESS) or scripts, it can impact on page download speed.

The bundling feature combines multiple styles or javascript files into a single file. So a web browser needs one request for styles file and one request for scripts file.

The minification is a set of optimizations, like removing unnecessary white spaces and comments, shortening variable names to one character, etc. After the minification, the end code will have a much smaller size. 

 All the jobs provided by Orckestra.Web.BundlingAndMinification package automatically. You have  just to install the package. No changes to page layouts needed. 

Please note that the "Venus", "Neptune" and "Mercury" starter sites optimized with this package out of the box. At the same time you can customize this package usage at any moment: to turn it off at all, to turn off bundling and minification separately for scripts or for styles. Even to specify which separate styles or scripts not to bundle and minify - to keep them as is.

Besides, if you are logged into the CMS Console or use the debug mode for a web site, the optimization will be off too. And, as a web developer, you'll deal with the original files. So your debugging experience will work exactly as it should. And the visitors of your website will still get the optimized and faster version of a web site.

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