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C1 CMS Versions supported

This package requires CMS version 6.8 or newer (Build: 6.8.7271.23834).

Launch the CMS Console, then open the top menu item “Help” and click “About C1 CMS”.

Pre-Installation Steps

This package has no dependencies. But if your website uses specific styles filetypes, be sure you have installed the appropriate CSS compilers of the latest versions:

Please note that the "Venus""Neptune" and "Mercury" starter web sites use LESS styles and have the appropriate CSS compiler out of the box.

In case your website has specific styles filetypes, but you have not installed demanded compilers, such files will be excluded during bundling and minification processing.

You can check if the Orckestra.Web.Css.Less or Orckestra.Web.Css.Sass package has been installed in the "System" perspective: "Packages" / "Installed Packages" / "Orckestra.Web" or "Local Packages". If so, check the version of the installed package. In case it is earlier than the target version, please uninstall this version and install the latest one.

You can install the latest version of Orckestra.Web.Css.Less or Orckestra.Web.Css.Sass from the "System" perspective: "Packages" / "Available Packages" / "Orckestra.Web".

These packages can be installed before or after Bundling & Minification package installation.

Installation steps

  1. Log into the CMS Console as an administrator.
  2. Go to the "System" perspective.
  3. Open the folders “Packages” | “Available Packages” | " Orckestra.Web".
  4. Select " Orckestra.Web.BundlingAndMinification" and click “Install”.
  5. Complete the wizard.

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