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Load Balancing Setup Guide

Getting started

Along with the installation of the Load Balancing add-on, you will take a few pre- and post-installation setup steps.

  1. Pre-installation setup:
    1. Use Composite C1 (now “C1 CMS”) version 4.1 or later.
    2. Install the SQL Server Data Provider add-on.
    3. Migrate the website data store to an SQL database.
    4. Enable the Service Broker option on the database.
  2. The add-on installation:
    1. Install the add-on
    2. Check the log
  3. Post-Installation setup:
  1. Deploy the website on multiple servers.
  2. If necessary, set up one dedicated website instance for the CMS Console administration.


  • The Load Balancing add-on requires Composite C1 (now C1 CMS) 4.1 (or later) running with the SQL Data Provider.
  • Both the IIS Server and Microsoft SQL Server must run on Windows Server 2008 or later.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later is required.
  • Microsoft SQL Server must have the “Service Broker” feature enabled.
  • Nodes (websites) are not required to be part of a NLB setup (some nodes may be, some may not).
  • Any Network Load Balancing technology may be used.


The Load Balancing add-on has the following limitations:

  • Administrative sessions may not be load balanced, but need to run on a single server. You can work around this limitation in one of the following ways:
  • Run a dedicated C1 CMS website which is not part of the cluster and do content editing on this website
  • Have the load balancing mechanism use “sticky sessions” for administrative users. For Microsoft Network Load Balancing Services this can be achieved by setting affinity to “Single” or “Network”.
  • It will not migrate changes related to website development.
    Development and staging environments should be managed and migrated using other means – the Load Balancing add-on will not automate migration in this area.
    The example of changes not supported by the Load Balancing add-on are:
  • Data type changes
  • Changes made to files on the file system (for example, CSS, code files, templates)
  • C1 CMS add-ons installations
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