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Get more features for your C1 CMS Foundation solution by installing one of the many packages made by other C1 CMS Foundation developers. Here you will find links to package servers, websites and NuGet packages people have shared. 

Community Package Servers

To install packages from a CMS Package Server you first subscribe to it: Go to your System perspective, Packages, Package Sources and launch the "Add new Package Source" command. Paste in the URL for the package server and click OK. Now the CMS Packages from this new source is listed below Available Packages and you install them as any other package.

Downloadable CMS Packages

You can download CMS Packages from the sites listed below. You download a ZIP file which you can then upload to your C1 CMS Foundation site via the System perspective's Packages node by invoking "Install Local Package ...".

  • CompositeC1Contrib
    This is the premiere contribution project, spawning amazing new features like Razor Functions, ASP.NET .master page support, Facebook media gallery and a host of useful extensions for the CMS Console. Many of the packages are available on the Contrib Packages server, but visit the project homepage for the whole thing, source code and discussions.

  • @nuFaqtz Packages
    This Dutch webdev has built and shared some rather handy packages like IntelliSense for the CMS Console code editor and a 'recently updated' navigation feature. To read about his packages and download them, visit his website

NuGet Packages

A number of CMS Packages have also been made available via NuGet.

Have something we should add to this list? Send a mail!

If you'd also like to share things you have built for C1 CMS Foundation read about creating your own packages and setting up your own package server - when you have a webpage or package server you would like us to mention here drop us a mail.

If you are looking for like minded to toss ideas around with write a post in the C1 CMS forum.