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Form Builder Developer Guide


This guide is intended for Web and C# developers who want to customize or extend the Form Builder add-on.

With the Form Builder you can quickly build a well-designed, mobile-friendly and accessible web form with validation and semantics like e-mail fields in place by simply using "drag-and-drop" and add it to a page. The data via this form can be saved to files, exported to various formats (XML files, Excel spreadsheets). You can also integrate the data with various back-end systems, for example, a CRM.

For information about using the Form Builder add-on, please see the “Form Builder User Guide”.

The Form Builder is highly customizable and extendible. And in this guide, you’ll learn how to:

To customize and extend, you should be proficient in C# / .NET and Razor and be able to work with XHTML and CSS / LESS.

Before You Start

You should make sure that you have the following prerequisites in place before you start the guide:

  • You have installed and configured the latest version of C1 CMS
  • You are using a test C1 CMS installation that you can safely experiment with.
  • You have installed and configured the latest version of the Form Builder add-on on this test C1 CMS installation instance.
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