Make C1 CMS a better CMS for all of us.

There are several ways you can pitch in and make C1 CMS a better CMS and we hope that you will share and collaborate with the rest of the community. We have created the open projects area where you can propose a new project and get collaborators. At Orckestra we will try to provide you with the documentation you need, just let us know if you can’t find it.

Almost all extensions you create for C1 CMS can be ‘saved’ using our free Package Creator and then distributed to others. Below are examples of extensions you can make:

  • A new “starter web site” that other web developers would like to use. If it is really good we will add it to the C1 CMS start wizard.
  • A new extension to the CMS Console like a media archive browser or build-in access to Google Analytics reports.
  • A translation of the CMS Console to your local language – all the strings are located in XML files.
  • A new CMS Function that add a useful feature to a CMS Page, like a Facebook feed.
  • An application that add a useful feature to a CMS Page and enable users to manage it via the CMS Console, like a contact or job database.
  • New providers for C1 CMS, like a MySQL data provider.

If you would like to have code changed or added in the C1 CMS build distributed by Orckestra you should be aware that we are very cautious about the core code, and expect such proposals to be thoroughly worked through, relevant, popular and in line with our long term ideas. Don’t get too mad if core changes you propose are ‘demoted’ to an optional package or declined. But let’s talk.

Creating a package?

Packages are a simple way to deploy what you have developed. Use the package creator to package code and data and use the package for deploying new features, reusing functionality on other websites or sharing it with the community!