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We are proud to receive such positive feedback from the users. For some time now C1 CMS is best rated CMS on Microsoft official Open Source index, CodePlex.
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loving it... powerful easy with awesome framework and code quality!
by skoenigpi on Jan 9, 2014
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Composite C1 4.1 continues the stability and quality of the previous versions and provides more comfort to editors with new drag and drop features for media handling and building online forms. The Open CPH Starter Site Open is updated to Bootstrap 3.0 and offers a good starting point for every website project.
by ThorstenH on Jan 8, 2014
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An excellent piece of software for both developers and users. Extremely easy to install, Intuitive UI for content managers. Performance of the sites is very good. Our dev team has tried several CMS's (including paid up ones) to combine MVC web app funtionality with a traditional CMS and this is by far and away the best one we have come across. Forum response to queries is also excellent. Well done
by stevecrabb on Oct 13, 2013
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Excellent piece of CMS... You will need very little time to start being amazed how easy and simple is to build what you need! As .Net developer I am thrilled! You will be too ;-)
by JaZGo on Oct 1, 2013
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Just added #compositeC1 to my #cms shortlist.. damn! Got to evaluate 4 systems in 3 hours now..
15 Jun Rich Reeves (rawsharklives)
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We have almost finished our new site. Composite C1 rocks! A nice .Net CMS. It helped us to deliver a more elegant and informative web site
16 Mar SafeCape (SafeCape)
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C1 is THE best open source dotnet, visual studio integrated CMS!
16 Feb Egbert Hendriks (ephendriks)
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???????? Powerful & Open Source ASP.NET CMS: Composite B!
14 Nov ryo watanabe (rriver[?] )
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"Actually, I think that Composite is one of the really interesting developing houses to follow right now"
Ole Kjeldsen. Director Microsoft DK
"Composite C1 3.0 hits the streets Ц more user friendly than ever"
CMS Critic
"The Danish software house Composite has released a new version of their top rated open source CMS, Composite C1"
CMS Report
"Composite C1 Offers Full Cloud Support via Windows Azure"
Steve Sechrist
"If you're looking for a serious .NET CMS solution, Composite is for you!"
30 September, By Lauris Veips

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Simply the best CMS out there.
by Sorenjuul on Dec 14 2011
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I love it.
by Aboo on Dec 20 2010
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It's very strong, nice code, and easy to customize and extend and very fast.
by likeno_another on Dec 19 2010
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Tried out a few of the CMS applications here, and this seems to kill the rest of them by far! I am working my way through getting C1 CMS Certified!
By Altissimo 7/22/2011 12:17:58 PM
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A fantastic app/CMS. It has great layering so you don't need to be an expert to start... and then as you build your knowledge can switch to more complex developer's languages like C#. Combine this with MVC, Razor and you have a cutting-edge ready to use platform that is simply a joy to work with.
By bluemeansgo 5/1/2011 8:07:29 PM
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The best .NET CMS that I have seen !!! Nice to see it's possible to have a .Net CMS with all the basic functions (and more) but without the need to have expensive SQL hosting. Simple to use and to customize !
by Redspider on Jan 25 at 6:46 PM
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An excellent CMS and application platform. The beauty of it is the layering. It has items for all levels and as you learn it, more of the power opens up for you. From beginner to seasoned .Net professional, this CMS allows you full control of your angle brackets and enough power to fulfill even stringent demands. In addition, with the ability to run off XML or a database, it's easy to cheaply host
by atomiton on Apr 30 at 4:39 PM
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An outstanding body of work. This is not a CMS... this is a web development platform. Outstanding extensibility and really well designed interface and architecture by a team who obviously care about making something right. Key features for me are MVC3 integration and the reflection/compilation + consistent interface programming model but it's a mod steep learning curve and requires full trust.
by luappy13 on Apr 10 at 12:05 AM
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Compare to other existing Content Management Systems, C1 CMS uses the edge technology such as MVC2, LINQ, Workflow. It is easy to use for the site administrators and developers. Now Web - matrix, I just have to say well done CompositeC1 CMS team, great job, great App.
by Amir 1/13/2011
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I manually upgraded my 2.0 SP1 website to 2.1.1. - followed the upgrade guidelines and within 15 minutes everything worked perfect! That's the way how updates should work :-) Quality is the best description of C1 CMS - and for me the most professional and flexible .NET Open Source CMS.
by ThorstenH on Apr 8 at 9:41 PM
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Few months ago our team got a task to build a web site for certain customer. It was supposed to be small site, so we searched for something simple without database overkill as the backend... Then we found C1 CMS... Rest is history... But will be future... This is not only CSM, but framework/platform modular, easy to learn and stable. Our team has searched for a while to find CMS that does not overkill with database backend, but leaves this as an option.... Great.... Visual Editor is getting better and better... Just love v.2.1 and package creator...
By moljac# 4/27/2011 12:28:32 AM
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"Mind blowing...."
by praveennerd on Jun 8 2011
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New Windows #Azure Case Study (Composite): Developer Expands Business with Cloud-Based Hosting and Saves 80% in Costs
9 Jun WindowsAzure (WindowsAzure)
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works like a charm. It really is a easy as described in And it actually works :-)
22 Jan Martin Nielsen (Boedlen)
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Is there something as easy as @CompositeC1 CMS for PHP (with xslt)? Something died in me when I looked at how to build a #wordpress #theme.
6 Aug Alexander Prinzhorn (Prinzhorn)
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ukmsdn@team: Beautiful markup with C1 CMS
13 Jul UK MSDN Team (ukmsdn)
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C1 CMS - при¤тна¤ штука (¤ нуб ваще). ј Orchard - какое-то пол¤рное (от одной крайности - к другой: машинка Ћего с атомным реактором).
29 Jun Mikhail Butenko (FI_Mihej)
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I found Composite to be the nicest .NET CMS I ever worked with. Really impressed with it. I'd say spend 1 hour on each, then decide
1 Mar Dylan Beattie (dylanbeattie)
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#web Composite, un CMS basado en .NET | Recursos para Disenadores Graficos y Web | Creativos Online via @AddThis
13 Nov Judith Melian Sanchez ( JudithMSanchez)
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Nice! :)
31 Jul CSS3 for IE (css3piePIE)
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Devs: The "C1 CMS Content Mangement System" just went open source.
29 Sep Scott Hanselman (@shanselman)
pretty amazed about the @CompositeC1 CMS. Easy to get around, easy to learn and the Template Editor is really intelligent.
5 Jan Danielovich (Danielovich)
I run .NET &a upstart CMS called C1 CMS which is super powerful for solo hacketypes like me. XML & XSLT, multi-site install is abt15mb
21 Jul Andam Persand (TripleSpaced)
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Loving C1 CMS
17 Apr luappy13 (luappy13)
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???CMS C1 CMS via @webification .NET????????CMS?????Windows?????????????????
30 Sep Satoshi Kato (katoSat)
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It's really easy. Theirs console gives you powerful administration tool. Be sure to check this
2 Mar Borys Generalov (bgeneralov)
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"There are a ton of free modules..."
Oct, 2010, By Barb Mosher (@barbmosher) CMSwire
"For Novices and Experts. If you give it a try, you'll get a full-fledged content management system with a robust architecture and good user experience"
April 2011,Webmasterformat
Foreningen af Open Source Leverandorer mener, at Composites nye open source-initiativ blastempler forretningsmodellen bag den abne kildekode.
Klaus Krabbe, ComputerWorld
Latest .NET Generation behind leading CMS
Microsoft Article
"... a new open source web content management system on the market today".
Oct, 2010, By Barb Mosher (@barbmosher) CMSwire
"C1 CMS is a free open source CMS that helps you produce the beautiful mark-up you desire instead of mangling it. It is all part of a focus on letting web professionals excel at their craft"
July 2011, Thebeebs, MSDN UK Team blog
Composite from Denmark is in the driving seat when it comes to application development via .NET
Oct 2010, Microsoft
УWhat Composite is doing is an extremely exciting, quite unique project. First and foremost it makes good sense to open up the source code of a .NET-based product, because there are already plenty of developer resources out there who will be able to carry the solution still further. That alone makes .NET an obvious choice as a developing platform in the open source contextФ.
Ole Kjeldsen, Microsoft.
"If you are into Windows Azure and now considering running some CMS on it, let me share good news with you. A .NET Framework-based CMS called C1 CMS has totally gone Windows Azure."
"C1 CMS is layered in a way that allows you to get up and running fast and still be as technical as you please".
MSDN UK Team blog
"Composite has enjoyed success with its CMS tools, which it supplies to major private and public clients as well as smaller companies. These days it uses .NET for its evelopment platform: indeed, Composite has succeeded in using it in such innovative fashion that the companyТs efforts have drawn attention deep inside the central .NET developer group at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Seattle."
Microsoft article about Composite

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