Community Hero: Thorsten Hoffmann

Sprechen sie Deutsch? If you do, then you will be happy to know that Thorsten Hoffmann spent countless hours translating C1 CMS to German in his spare time using the awesome translation tool from C1 CMS.

Thorsten Hoffmann is an experienced web developer from Wiehl Germany, where he works for the local government.

Being a diehard community member, Thorsten made the trip from Germany to Denmark to attend the first ever Hackathon, joining us for a talk about C1 CMS.

Love the quality

It turns out that Thorsten Hoffmann has been using C1 CMS for a little over a year, and is extremely satisfied with the quality of the system and the documentation.

»I love the quality of the system and the availability of standard packages like Facebook integration and galleries. It offers packages for the cases where I need them«, said Thorsten Hoffmann.

Thorsten Hoffmann plans to continue working with C1 CMS, and he is hoping for even better Facebook integration and an option to connect with a Sharepoint database.

Read more about Thorstens experiences with C1 CMS on his blog (in German)

Connect with Thorsten

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