Jan van Valen is a passionate frontend developer with over 20 years of experience in IT. He’s built C# and Asp.Net applications from the first .Net beta on. HTML, Javascript and CSS were even earlier tools of the trade.

“I focus on design and function. Page speed is my area of expertise, - shares the developer. - A website should be responsive - usable for every visitor - and for me mobile first progressive enhancement is the way to go.”

He currently works in Research & Development at “Itouch Design” in the Netherlands. The web agency uses C1 CMS as the CMS for all their clients.

“A client requested a website with CMS which triggered me to look at the possible solutions. As my background is with the Microsoft Stack, I only looked at .Net based solutions, - Jan describes his first C1 CMS project. – Then the choice for C1 CMS was unavoidable: open source, lots of customizable add-ons, easy install and great multi language support. Never looked back.”

While working with C1 CMS, Jan van Valen has updated the Dutch translation, created the ViewType.External, the first iteration of the link checker and got some patches applied. He has created numerous extensions – in the early days as add-ons – now, as developer oriented solutions.

“CMS is a developer oriented CMS, - says Jan. – So I choose to provide full source code, descriptions and merge walk troughs. I focus on making my work as a developer easier and more enjoyable. Also I like giving less technical savvy users options to make their website more easy to manage. But my main focus is on performance, as mobile browsing is the new norm.“

C1 CMS extensions, developed by Jan, will soon be available on his website nu.faqtz.com. He is also currently working on the integration of C1 CMS with the Intel XDK and Google Analytics.