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Content Versioning User Guide


Making copies, or snapshots, of web pages every now and then is a good practice for those who often edit them. It is even more critical if you are not the only person who does the editing and the number of pages is great.

Having an older version of a web page handy may save much of your time if something goes wrong with its current version.

The Content Versioning add-on keeps track of versions of web pages, media files and data items on a C1 CMS based website.

The add-on integrates with the CMS Console and is available within a couple of clicks in the Content, Media and Data perspectives or centrally, in the System perspective.

Figure 1: Content Versioning in C1 CMS

Not only can you view the version history of any particular web page, media file or data item, but also view the contents of, restore, and compare its versions.

Who Should Read This Guide?

This guide is intended for editors who work with the content on a website.

We assume that you know how to work within the Content, Media, Data and System perspectives of C1 CMS. We also assume that you have an idea of what versioning and version control are about.

You will primarily work in the Content, Media, Data and System perspectives so you should have access to these areas to view, add, edit, delete and publish pages, media files and data items.


Getting Started

To get started, you are supposed to learn how to perform a number of tasks using the Content Versioning functionality.

Getting Started



Chapter or section


Install the Content Versioning add-on.



View the version history of a web page, media file or data item

Viewing Version History


View a previous version of a web page, media file or data item

Viewing Previous Versions


Restore a previous version of a web page, media file or data item

Restoring Previous Versions


Compare versions of a web page, media file or data item

Comparing Versions


Restore a deleted page, media file, global data item or page data folder item

Restoring Deleted Content


Print the log or reports

Printing the log or reports


Export the log or reports

Exporting the log or reports to Excel


In the following few chapters, you will learn more about these and other tasks.

Terms and Definitions

The following is the list of terms and their definitions used throughout this guide.

Terms and Definitions




A snapshot of the properties and content of a documents at a specific point in time


A technique of keeping track of changes to documents by storing the snapshots, or versions, of their properties and content

Version Control

A technique of managing changes to documents, which includes – along with versioning - viewing and comparing their versions as well as rolling back to their previous versions

Version History

A number of a document’s versions ordered by the date and time of change

Versioning Report

A list of changes made to documents ordered by the date and time of change

Important Notes

Content Versioning only starts tracking versions after its installation on a C1 CMS website. Therefore, all changes made to pages, media files or data items on this website before the Content Versioning installation will not be available.

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