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Content Versioning User Guide

Restoring Deleted Content

You can restore deleted content items from the Content Modification Log.

The following content items can be undeleted:

  • Pages
  • Media files
  • Global data items
  • Page data folder items

To restore a deleted content item:

  1. Open the Content Modification Log from the System perspective.
  2. Locate and select a content item (for example, a page) with the “Delete” activity.
  3. Click “Restore” on the toolbar.

Figure 28: Restoring a deleted page

The item will appear in its corresponding location.

The versioning history will have a “Rollback” task logged for this operation.

Figure 29: A page rollback logged

Limitations and recommendations

Please take into account the following recommendations and limitations when restoring deleted content:

  • The following page-related data is not restored when a page is restored:
  • Its subpages if any
  • Its page metadata
  • Attached page data folders
  • Data attached to the page via page data folders
  • Attached CMS Console applications (tree definitions)
  • Data attached to the page via CMS Console applications
  • On single-language websites CMS pages are restored as root pages, which you are informed with a respective message about. You may want to move the restored page to its original location manually.
  • On multiple-language website, CMS pages are restored to its original position provided that the page still exists in at least one locale.
  • CMS pages and publishable data items are restored unpublished.
  • To restore a global data item, make sure that the global data type is still available.
  • To restore a page data folder item, make sure that the page data folder it belongs to is still attached to a page.
  • Media files will restore the original folder structure if it has not been kept.
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