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Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1

23 October 2015

Version 5 is our third major release since we open-sourced Composite C1 five years ago, and in terms of both visuals / UX and developer tooling, there is a lot of good new stuff in this one.

Two Composite C1 guerilla sessions in Copenhagen

16 February 2011

In cooperation with Microsoft we are offering two training sessions to get you started with Composite C1.

List/detail views with MVC 3 and AJAX

25 January 2011

Sample showing Composite C1 data, MVC 3 Razor and AJAX working together.

  ASP.NET  Data  MVC

Rendering html for navigation using MVC 3 Razor

24 January 2011

Sample code showing how you can build common navigation rendering logic using the razor syntax.


Composite C1 support ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor

19 January 2011

Razor is a brand new syntax for mixing up html and logic - I like it a lot and it’s a great alternative to XSLT (and PHP). Definitely worth checking out!

  .NET 4.0  ASP.NET  MVC