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RSS feeds to help you stay up to date

30 December 2010

We have collected our news, blog posts and upcomming events in a single RSS feed...

Improve C1 Console perf 40-60%

24 December 2010

With a simple change you can avoid ASP.NET compilations after data type edits, code changes and restarts - the effect is dramatic.

72 hours of developer buzz

21 December 2010

The community is beginning to notice us - a quick digest of the latest 72 hours of Composite C1 developer buzz we could find

Preview the latest beta builds of Composite C1

06 December 2010

Want to see Composite C1 steaming hot, straight from the core group build server? It's quite easy to do...

Danish .NET Community xmas competition

06 December 2010

A little xmas fun - this post is aimed at the Danish .NET community and is written in Danish.

Upgrade your Composite C1 site

03 December 2010

Updates to Composite C1 is both easy to install and this patch is free. See here how you upgrade.