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Composite Windows Azure Webrole

13 November 2013
Poul Kjeldager Sørensen

Learn how to use the new Composite Windows Azure Webrole for hosting Composite C1 .Net solutions on Windows Azure Cloud Services.


Building An Online Magazine App For Windows 8, part 1

22 September 2013

In this first article in our two-part series, we’ll look at an HTML5 app that runs natively on Windows 8.

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Facebook and Windows Live validation using Windows Azure

06 July 2011

Learn how to enable users to identify themselves on your website by using Facebook and Windows Live validation with Windows Azure rather than remember a custom login and use it every time they visit your website.


A community update - June 2011

29 June 2011

A quick update on what have been going on with Composite C1 the recent weeks.

Geo DNS and Windows Azure making your CMS faster

17 June 2011

Running a website on six servers, located in Europe, USA and Singapore and using geo DNS to send your customers to the fastest server. Try to guess the price and then read this.

Composite C1 2.1 released - what's new?

29 March 2011

Read about the major changes in the Composite C1 2.1 release and how you can download it and upgrade your 2.0.

Free Windows Azure hosting until June 30th

28 February 2011

Cloud power your Composite C1 website for free until June 30th and experience how smooth cloud deployment can be.


Moving C1 to Azure (File I/O)

17 November 2010
Martin Jensen

This blog post focus on file I/O when moving C1 to the Azure platform

A quick status on Composite C1 and Windows Azure

03 November 2010

A quick update on what we learned from our 3 day Azure workshop and what our current status is...