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Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1

23 October 2015

Version 5 is our third major release since we open-sourced Composite C1 five years ago, and in terms of both visuals / UX and developer tooling, there is a lot of good new stuff in this one.

Using razor views in console applications

11 November 2013
Poul Kjeldager Sørensen

See how you can use razor views to build console applications in Composite C1 4.1


We have a release!

05 June 2013

Composite C1 version 4 is ready to ship - this one is dedicated to all the agencies out there.

How we migrated CompositeC1Contrib into the core

20 August 2012

Our 4.0 release will contain build-in support for Razor Functions, User Control Functions, .Master Page templates, Razor templates and ASP.NET Sitemap Provider.

What's new for developers in upcoming Composite C1 4.0

03 August 2012

Now all your favorite ASP.NET technologies are 1st class citizens.

  ASP.NET  Beta  Razor

Razor Functions - beyond awesome

28 October 2011

If you work with HTML and know a little C# you are now king of the hill!