C1 CMS Blog

We are on GitHub

16 October 2015

Finally? Yes! We have moved our source code to GitHub!

Orckestra acquire Composite - and C1 is still open source

08 September 2015

The Composite C1 open source project will grow stronger under the wings of Orckestra.

We have a release!

05 June 2013

Composite C1 version 4 is ready to ship - this one is dedicated to all the agencies out there.

How we migrated CompositeC1Contrib into the core

20 August 2012

Our 4.0 release will contain build-in support for Razor Functions, User Control Functions, .Master Page templates, Razor templates and ASP.NET Sitemap Provider.

Installing the latest build

05 July 2012

Can’t wait for a beta release to check out that new feature? Then install the latest build from core.

Is Open Source to be blamed?

15 June 2012

What does the abandonment of Umbraco v5 mean for open source?

Time to start blogging again

14 June 2012

This blog have been pretty silent lately, I guess it is time to change that.

Like Composite C1? Like Composite C1 on Facebook!

27 July 2011

We have created a Facebook page for Composite C1 where the feed will be a litle bit less geeky that our twitter feed...

A community update - June 2011

29 June 2011

A quick update on what have been going on with Composite C1 the recent weeks.

Composite C1 2.1 released - what's new?

29 March 2011

Read about the major changes in the Composite C1 2.1 release and how you can download it and upgrade your 2.0.