C1 CMS Blog

Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1

23 October 2015

Version 5 is our third major release since we open-sourced Composite C1 five years ago, and in terms of both visuals / UX and developer tooling, there is a lot of good new stuff in this one.

Get IE10 support with Patch 4

06 March 2013

We have released Patch 4 for Composite C1 v3.2 which adds support for Internet Explorer 10.

Geo DNS and Windows Azure making your CMS faster

17 June 2011

Running a website on six servers, located in Europe, USA and Singapore and using geo DNS to send your customers to the fastest server. Try to guess the price and then read this.

Composite C1 2.1 released - what's new?

29 March 2011

Read about the major changes in the Composite C1 2.1 release and how you can download it and upgrade your 2.0.

Composite C1 2.1 browser support

17 March 2011

Our browser support has improved a lot in our 2.1 release and IE9 is surprisingly fast.

Improve C1 Console perf 40-60%

24 December 2010

With a simple change you can avoid ASP.NET compilations after data type edits, code changes and restarts - the effect is dramatic.