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We have a release!

05 June 2013

Composite C1 version 4 is ready to ship - this one is dedicated to all the agencies out there.

How we migrated CompositeC1Contrib into the core

20 August 2012

Our 4.0 release will contain build-in support for Razor Functions, User Control Functions, .Master Page templates, Razor templates and ASP.NET Sitemap Provider.

What's new for developers in upcoming Composite C1 4.0

03 August 2012

Now all your favorite ASP.NET technologies are 1st class citizens.

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Razor Functions - beyond awesome

28 October 2011

If you work with HTML and know a little C# you are now king of the hill!

Two Composite C1 guerilla sessions in Copenhagen

16 February 2011

In cooperation with Microsoft we are offering two training sessions to get you started with Composite C1.

List/detail views with MVC 3 and AJAX

25 January 2011

Sample showing Composite C1 data, MVC 3 Razor and AJAX working together.

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Rendering html for navigation using MVC 3 Razor

24 January 2011

Sample code showing how you can build common navigation rendering logic using the razor syntax.


Composite C1 support ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor

19 January 2011

Razor is a brand new syntax for mixing up html and logic - I like it a lot and it’s a great alternative to XSLT (and PHP). Definitely worth checking out!

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Improve C1 Console perf 40-60%

24 December 2010

With a simple change you can avoid ASP.NET compilations after data type edits, code changes and restarts - the effect is dramatic.

Moving C1 to Azure (File I/O)

17 November 2010
Martin Jensen

This blog post focus on file I/O when moving C1 to the Azure platform