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Get IE10 support with Patch 4

06 March 2013

We have released Patch 4 for Composite C1 v3.2 which adds support for Internet Explorer 10.

Patch 3 available for Composite C1 3.2

25 October 2012

Make sure your C1 Console look great with the latest Chrome update.

We are hiring a core developer!

21 September 2012

For our core group we are looking for a seasoned, productive and organized .NET developer.

Patch available fixing .NET 4.5 issues

31 August 2012

Installing version 4.5 of the .NET framework will break key functionality in Composite C1. Here is the patch.

How we migrated CompositeC1Contrib into the core

20 August 2012

Our 4.0 release will contain build-in support for Razor Functions, User Control Functions, .Master Page templates, Razor templates and ASP.NET Sitemap Provider.

Say hello to Twitter Bootstrap

17 August 2012

Set up a Twitter Bootstrap based website with Composite C1 CMS and see for yourself why we think this is a winner.

What's new for developers in upcoming Composite C1 4.0

03 August 2012

Now all your favorite ASP.NET technologies are 1st class citizens.

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Installing the latest build

05 July 2012

Can’t wait for a beta release to check out that new feature? Then install the latest build from core.

What's new in Composite C1 Online Documentation?

18 June 2012

Almost a year's passed since the last overview. It's about time to have a look again at what's new in our documentation.

Is Open Source to be blamed?

15 June 2012

What does the abandonment of Umbraco v5 mean for open source?