C1 CMS Blog

Time to start blogging again

14 June 2012

This blog have been pretty silent lately, I guess it is time to change that.

Razor Functions - beyond awesome

28 October 2011

If you work with HTML and know a little C# you are now king of the hill!

Like Composite C1? Like Composite C1 on Facebook!

27 July 2011

We have created a Facebook page for Composite C1 where the feed will be a litle bit less geeky that our twitter feed...

Facebook and Windows Live validation using Windows Azure

06 July 2011

Learn how to enable users to identify themselves on your website by using Facebook and Windows Live validation with Windows Azure rather than remember a custom login and use it every time they visit your website.


What's new in documentation?

05 July 2011

Read a quick overview of new C1 documentation published in 2011.

A community update - June 2011

29 June 2011

A quick update on what have been going on with Composite C1 the recent weeks.

Geo DNS and Windows Azure making your CMS faster

17 June 2011

Running a website on six servers, located in Europe, USA and Singapore and using geo DNS to send your customers to the fastest server. Try to guess the price and then read this.

Introduction to Recent Packages

14 June 2011

Read a quick overview of recently released C1 packages.

Composite C1 2.1 released - what's new?

29 March 2011

Read about the major changes in the Composite C1 2.1 release and how you can download it and upgrade your 2.0.

Composite C1 2.1 browser support

17 March 2011

Our browser support has improved a lot in our 2.1 release and IE9 is surprisingly fast.