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Preview the latest beta builds of Composite C1

06 December 2010

Want to see Composite C1 steaming hot, straight from the core group build server? It's quite easy to do...

Danish .NET Community xmas competition

06 December 2010

A little xmas fun - this post is aimed at the Danish .NET community and is written in Danish.

Upgrade your Composite C1 site

03 December 2010

Updates to Composite C1 is both easy to install and this patch is free. See here how you upgrade.

Moving C1 to Azure (File I/O)

17 November 2010
Martin Jensen

This blog post focus on file I/O when moving C1 to the Azure platform

A quick status on Composite C1 and Windows Azure

03 November 2010

A quick update on what we learned from our 3 day Azure workshop and what our current status is...

We're hiring! Senior frontend developer for our core group

02 November 2010

Ever dreamt of being a senior frontend developer for an open source project?

Composite C1 2.0 Patch 1 released

03 October 2010

If you were among the first 600 to download us, upgrade!

Composite C1 is Free Open Source

29 September 2010

Today is a historical day for us - we are going open souce, all the way!

Composite C1 1.3 SP1 available

10 September 2010

Firefox update 3.6.9 broke the source code editor in Composite C1 - here is the fix for that and more.

Invest 5 minutes, get a world class forum!

25 August 2010

Composite C1 can get a Stack Overflow site with your help...